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dsc_7589.jpg Devin takes Grant on a tour of his old haunting grounds. dsc_7596.jpg dsc_7607.jpg dsc_7617.jpg
dsc_7627.jpg Uh, we missed this when we were here last year... dsc_7636.jpg It was 90 degress out.  Water time! dsc_7649.jpg See last year's shot: dsc_7663.jpg Playing with Jax at CMOM
dsc_7675.jpg dsc_7678.jpg dsc_7684.jpg The boys meet Juliette! dsc_7688.jpg
dsc_7695.jpg dsc_7696.jpg dsc_7707.jpg dsc_7715.jpg Devin moves into the big boy room in Seabrook.
dsc_7717.jpg dsc_7750.jpg dsc_7759.jpg dsc_7764.jpg
dsc_7786.jpg dsc_7792.jpg dsc_7812.jpg dsc_7834.jpg
dsc_7836.jpg dsc_7856.jpg