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dsc_0644.jpg Devin travels back to Seabrook, NH for the end of summer. dsc_0645.jpg dsc_0660.jpg dsc_0727.jpg
dsc_0748.jpg dsc_0764.jpg dsc_0782.jpg dsc_0793a.jpg
dsc_0799a.jpg dsc_0814.jpg dsc_0829.jpg dsc_0837.jpg
dsc_0842.jpg dsc_0856.jpg dsc_0862.jpg dsc_0865.jpg
dsc_0937.jpg dsc_0958.jpg dsc_0960.jpg dsc_0975.jpg
dsc_1121.jpg dsc_1201.jpg Devin helps blow out the candles on Mama's birthday dsc_1219.jpg Devin loves playing in the water. dsc_1229.jpg
dsc_1239.jpg Emerson, a real cutie, is charmed by Devin dsc_1243.jpg dsc_1246.jpg dsc_1250a.jpg
dsc_1252.jpg dsc_1253.jpg dsc_1256.jpg More than anything, Devin loves taking a shower in the back yard.  He ran over for his turn when he saw the other boys cleaning up after getting back from the beach. dsc_1263.jpg
dsc_1265.jpg dsc_1267.jpg dsc_1272.jpg dsc_1305.jpg Devin meets dad's cousin Emily.
dsc_1307.jpg dsc_1308.jpg dsc_1310.jpg dsc_1319.jpg Waffles for everyone
dsc_1330.jpg dsc_1335.jpg dsc_1340.jpg When peek-a-boo... dsc_1350.jpg turns into pig-pile!
dsc_1358.jpg dsc_1370.jpg dsc_1373.jpg dsc_1376.jpg
dsc_1390.jpg Horsing around in cousin Eamon's room. dsc_1395.jpg dsc_1400.jpg If you see a free sippy cup, grab it! dsc_1408.jpg As we just mentioned...
dsc_1410.jpg dsc_1415.jpg dsc_1419.jpg dsc_1422.jpg
dsc_1424.jpg dsc_1429.jpg dsc_1436.jpg dsc_1441.jpg At the New England Aquarium, Devin's first visit.
dsc_1442.jpg dsc_1451.jpg dsc_1490.jpg The new park in the North End. dsc_1499.jpg
dsc_1501.jpg dsc_1509.jpg dsc_1513.jpg dsc_1518.jpg Devin, who newly discovered the Atlantic Ocean and outside showers, has graduated to the fountain in the Boston Common.
dsc_1522.jpg Most parents would have stopped their child, but there's no stopping Devin when it comes to water. dsc_1553.jpg dsc_1557.jpg dsc_1562.jpg
dsc_1565.jpg Just an hour later, cousin Eamon fell and needed six stiches.  What a day! dsc_1573.jpg dsc_1588.jpg Devin meets the Kappa sisters for brunch in Boston. dsc_1591.jpg
dsc_1593.jpg dsc_1597.jpg dsc_1601.jpg dsc_1620.jpg
dsc_1624.jpg dsc_1627.jpg dsc_1641.jpg dsc_1654.jpg
dsc_1660.jpg dsc_1677.jpg dsc_1692.jpg dsc_1700.jpg
dsc_1711.jpg dsc_1721.jpg dsc_1722.jpg dsc_1744.jpg Our climber found the next peak to scale
dsc_1748.jpg Devin saw the running water in the sink, and had to jump in dsc_1755.jpg dsc_1768.jpg dsc_1770.jpg
dsc_1774.jpg dsc_1827.jpg dsc_1829.jpg