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dsc_4008.jpg I think I need a haircut! img_0051.jpg Outside the barber shop. img_0053.jpg I'm ready to go... img_0057.jpg Whoa!
img_0065.jpg img_0067.jpg img_0075.jpg I'm freshly trimmed! dsc_4046.jpg
dsc_4054.jpg Why don't I just toss these puffs all over the floor? dsc_4069.jpg Then walk on them? dsc_4070.jpg Staci left her 7-Up, so I drank it! dsc_4094.jpg It's chaos with all the boys around for Christmas!
dsc_4095.jpg dsc_4099.jpg dsc_4102.jpg dsc_4120.jpg
dsc_4129.jpg dsc_4133.jpg dsc_4140.jpg dsc_4146.jpg
dsc_4192.jpg Every year Eamon gets a gingerbread house that he licks for the next week.  This year, Devin joined in. dsc_4200.jpg dsc_4214.jpg dsc_4226.jpg
dsc_4242.jpg dsc_4257.jpg Devin chomps on a cookie while dad catches up on rest. dsc_4272.jpg dsc_4288.jpg
dsc_4294.jpg Devin loves climbing all the stairs in the New England houses. dsc_4308.jpg dsc_4332.jpg dsc_4339.jpg
dsc_4353.jpg At the Patterson's party, the kids make use of the pool table. dsc_4363.jpg dsc_4376.jpg Eamon has to have everything neat and ordered. dsc_4377.jpg
dsc_4382.jpg dsc_4386.jpg dsc_4390.jpg dsc_4397.jpg
dsc_4398.jpg dsc_4400.jpg dsc_4404.jpg dsc_4406.jpg What am I getting all bundled up for?
dsc_4407.jpg Whoa - snow! dsc_4417.jpg Hey California boy, it's not that cold! dsc_4422.jpg dsc_4440.jpg
dsc_4480.jpg dsc_4499.jpg I see a good hill for sledding! dsc_4522.jpg Wheeeeee!!!! dsc_4525.jpg
dsc_4546.jpg dsc_4574.jpg The boys sit down for dinner. dsc_4577.jpg dsc_4584.jpg
dsc_4592.jpg dsc_4601.jpg dsc_4612.jpg Catching butterfly out of the elephant at Jojo's dsc_4620.jpg
dsc_4622.jpg dsc_4636.jpg dsc_4661.jpg dsc_4665.jpg
dsc_4681.jpg dsc_4684.jpg Get away from my fork! dsc_4696.jpg dsc_4702.jpg Devin loves the trains.
dsc_4708.jpg dsc_4712.jpg Opening presents on Christmas Eve - what are these for? dsc_4718.jpg dsc_4722.jpg
dsc_4724.jpg dsc_4729.jpg Should we be pushing more pasta on Quinn? dsc_4733.jpg dsc_4734.jpg
dsc_4737.jpg dsc_4740.jpg dsc_4750.jpg dsc_4757.jpg
dsc_4761.jpg dsc_4768.jpg dsc_4772.jpg dsc_4779.jpg
dsc_4786.jpg Devin gets his first train set... dsc_4794.jpg But tried to play with the box until Quinn came along. dsc_4795.jpg Is this part of the toy? dsc_4800.jpg
dsc_4801.jpg dsc_4818.jpg dsc_4822.jpg dsc_4833.jpg
dsc_4834.jpg dsc_4842.jpg Everybody has to get on matching PJ's dsc_4864.jpg dsc_4872.jpg
dsc_4875.jpg dsc_4879.jpg dsc_4886.jpg We leave cookies and milk for Santa, a carrot for Rudolph (Quinn took it) dsc_4896.jpg The next morning, the cookies are gone!
dsc_4899.jpg What does Devin see here? dsc_4900.jpg Wow! dsc_4901.jpg dsc_4908.jpg Quinn went straight to his hoop to work on his college fund.
dsc_4910.jpg dsc_4911.jpg dsc_4916.jpg Look, Santa came! dsc_4917.jpg
dsc_4922.jpg dsc_4928.jpg Mom, can you turn this on for me? dsc_4934.jpg Devin finds his thermos didn't come with milk. dsc_4954.jpg
dsc_4956.jpg A grocery store! dsc_4958.jpg dsc_4965.jpg dsc_4966.jpg
dsc_4970.jpg What's this? dsc_4971.jpg dsc_4972.jpg A ball pit! dsc_4977.jpg
dsc_4981.jpg dsc_4983.jpg dsc_4988.jpg dsc_4990.jpg
dsc_4992.jpg dsc_5022.jpg dsc_5039.jpg dsc_5046.jpg
dsc_5054.jpg dsc_5070.jpg dsc_5089.jpg dsc_5098.jpg At the Mulligan party Christmas night.
dsc_5111.jpg dsc_5116.jpg dsc_5119.jpg dsc_5127.jpg
dsc_5140.jpg Margo open her swap gift to find a mug with Jimmy's picture! dsc_5141.jpg dsc_5156.jpg dsc_5412.jpg Going to watch wresting!
dsc_5416.jpg dsc_5429.jpg dsc_5432.jpg Warming up in Phoenix dsc_5453.jpg
dsc_5459.jpg dsc02990.jpg dsc_5462.jpg And then we decided he's not ready to feed himself cottage cheese yet dsc03024.jpg
dsc_5469.jpg Devin models his new PBS backpack, a gift for his contribution dsc_5475.jpg dsc_5481.jpg dsc_5499.jpg
dsc_5511.jpg Devin helps with the new walkway in the back yard dsc_5517.jpg OMG!  Dad's doing actual work!  Somebody take a picture! dsc_5521.jpg dsc_5530.jpg
dsc_5546.jpg This is the foundation for the flagstone walkway. dsc_5552.jpg dsc_5561.jpg We're almost done in the front. dsc_5568.jpg This is what it'll look like.