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dsc_4137.jpg Devin flies to Boston to meet cousin Eamon dsc_4146.jpg Devin meets cousin Quinn, 4 days the elder dsc_4159.jpg Uncle Kevin with all he can handle dsc_4229.jpg
dsc_4253.jpg Devin goes to the AVP Boston Open dsc_4261.jpg Devin meets AVP Pro and Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh dsc_4264.jpg Dad can still serve with Devin tucked into the Baby Bjorn dsc_4331.jpg
dsc_4334.jpg dsc_4338.jpg dsc_4341.jpg dsc_4343.jpg
dsc_4362.jpg Devin is wiped out after the tournament, and naps with Quinn dsc_4380.jpg dsc_4381.jpg Vince tries to calm two kids at once dsc_4393.jpg
dsc_4398.jpg dsc_4400.jpg Re-united with Grandpa & JoJo, the Morris clan chows down on Cristaldis. dsc_4409.jpg Devin charms Pat McCarty & Sharon Slavin dsc_4414.jpg Quinn on the changing table
dsc_4419.jpg Grandpa takes care of Devin and Quinn dsc_4455.jpg Three lovely Morris ladies wih Quinn dsc_4482.jpg Devin visits his fourth beach (Seabrook) in just over a month! dsc_4484.jpg
dsc_4496.jpg dsc_4505.jpg dsc_4530.jpg dsc_4589.jpg Ellen drops by to meet Devin
img_0005.jpg dsc_4620.jpg The Mulligan clan (Jonalyn's mom's family) gets together for a BBQ dsc_4641.jpg dsc_4665.jpg
dsc_4688.jpg dsc_4695.jpg dsc_4704.jpg dsc_4714.jpg
dsc_4721.jpg dsc_4727.jpg It seems people are always laughing at a Mulligan party dsc_4750.jpg dsc_4763.jpg The cousins sleep in the corner
dsc_4777.jpg dsc_4782.jpg Eamon checks up on them for us dsc_4791.jpg dsc_4800.jpg We move inside for dinner
dsc_4819.jpg dsc_4825.jpg dsc_4841.jpg dsc_4844.jpg
dsc_4852.jpg dsc_4863.jpg dsc_4877.jpg dsc_4882.jpg
dsc_4886.jpg dsc_4893.jpg dsc_4897.jpg Thanks Dana from Bender for the new outfit! dsc_4899.jpg
dsc_4904.jpg Devin travels into Beantown for the day dsc_4905.jpg Devin at his mom's alma mater, Emerson.  He also called dad's cousin Emily, a current student. dsc_4909.jpg Mom & Dad will be making this same face when the realize how much Emerson will cost by the time Devin is old enough to go there dsc_4936.jpg The Little Building, now an Emerson dorm
dsc_4946.jpg dsc_4987.jpg dsc_5005.jpg dsc_5034.jpg
dsc_5054.jpg Eamon at the "Make Way for Ducklings" statue dsc_5068.jpg He will not concede that his duck, which he called "Duckie" is actually "Quack" according to the book. dsc_5074.jpg Coming from a liberal family, Eamon is already a tree-hugger dsc_5093.jpg Quinn is awake!
dsc_5101.jpg dsc_5110.jpg dsc_5135.jpg Devin's friend Jacqueline Pierce visits the beach house dsc_5154.jpg
dsc_5161.jpg dsc_5166.jpg Jonalyn, Devin, Kim, & Jacqueline dsc_5174.jpg dsc_5186.jpg
dsc_5200.jpg Eamon checks out the flowers as we stop by Lenox, MA on our way to Tanglewood dsc_5220.jpg dsc_5223.jpg dsc_5264.jpg
dsc_5265.jpg dsc_5280.jpg dsc_5291.jpg dsc_5308.jpg
dsc_5314.jpg dsc_5320.jpg dsc_5324.jpg We arrive at Tanglewood to picnic and listen to (but not actually see) James Taylor dsc_5328.jpg JoJo prepares a picnic feast for us
dsc_5345.jpg dsc_5354.jpg Quinn's paternal grandfather, BJ dsc_5370.jpg dsc_5373.jpg Mom & Dad whip up a makeshift changing table wherever we go
dsc_5375.jpg dsc_5378.jpg dsc_5379.jpg dsc_5383.jpg
dsc_5391.jpg dsc_5392.jpg This approixmates our view of the concert dsc_5395.jpg dsc_5399.jpg Dad woke me up with that last picture!
dsc_5404.jpg dsc_5409.jpg dsc_5415.jpg Getting ready to go out for Jonalyn's birthday dsc_5419.jpg
dsc_5420.jpg dsc_5423.jpg Devin smiles when he learns the girls from Bender gave him this onesie dsc_5424.jpg dsc_5432.jpg
dsc_5442.jpg Dad gets some good feeding time in dsc_5455.jpg Devin heads to the Seabrook beach for the day dsc_5474.jpg dsc_5495.jpg
dsc_5502.jpg dsc_5511.jpg dsc_5525.jpg Exhausted after playing at the beach dsc_5550.jpg
dsc_5581.jpg Devin sticks his feet in the sand for the first time dsc_5600.jpg dsc_5623.jpg dsc_5633.jpg
dsc_5635.jpg dsc_5639.jpg Devin outside the JFK Museum in Hyannis dsc_5642.jpg That's right, we're in the Cape! dsc_5646.jpg Devin planning his summer in the Cape.
dsc_5656.jpg At the beach next to the Hyannis Marina (Lewis Bay), his 5th beach so far... dsc_5670.jpg dsc_5681.jpg dsc_5689.jpg
dsc_5717.jpg Getting ready to get on the boat dsc_5718.jpg On his maiden sea voyage dsc_5742.jpg There once was a baby from Nantucket... dsc_5762.jpg
dsc_5781.jpg dsc_5791.jpg Brant Point Lighthouse dsc_5814.jpg dsc_5822.jpg The speed boat we took on another run.
dsc_5846.jpg At the Brant Point beach by the lighthouse, his 6th beach! dsc_5866.jpg dsc_5874.jpg dsc_5883.jpg
dsc_5925.jpg The fast ferry zips us home dsc_5928.jpg dsc_5933.jpg dsc_5940.jpg The next day, we're still exhausted from our trip to Nantucket
dsc_5967.jpg dsc_5968.jpg dsc_5969.jpg Jackie came back to visit and we went to the beach dsc_5972.jpg Even Uncle Eddie came out with us
dsc_5978.jpg dsc_5984.jpg dsc_6011.jpg dsc_6014.jpg
dsc_6018.jpg dsc_6024.jpg dsc_6029.jpg dsc_6036.jpg
dsc_6042.jpg dsc_6053.jpg dsc_6064.jpg dsc_6096.jpg
img_0042.jpg img_0044.jpg img_0045.jpg img_0050.jpg
img_0053.jpg img_0055.jpg img_0059.jpg img_0064.jpg
dsc_6848.jpg dsc_6857.jpg dsc_6859.jpg dsc_6868.jpg Devin meets Great-grandmother Mame (Marie Morris, Jonalyn's paternal grandmother)
dsc_6874.jpg dsc_6886.jpg dsc_6894.jpg dsc_6903.jpg
dsc_6917.jpg dsc_6920a.jpg Jason "Varitek" Halloran (Yes, he is named after the Red Sox catcher, but dad couldn't make that middle name official) dsc_6921.jpg Kristin, Jason, Jeff and Ava Halloran dsc_6934.jpg
dsc_6936.jpg dsc_6938.jpg dsc_6961.jpg Devin schmoozed up with Ava, a real cutie dsc_6989.jpg The cousins at Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, Maine, Devin's fourth state
dsc_7037a.jpg dsc_7047a.jpg