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dsc_8286.jpg As usual, Devin was great on the plane to JFK.  The stewardesses loved him! dsc_8294.jpg Devin even got to visit the cockpit and meet the captain! dsc_8297.jpg Devin meets dad's cousin Sarah dsc_8301.jpg And Sarah's husband Yon
dsc_8309.jpg dsc_8313.jpg Grandpa & JoJo, Bethany, Eamon & Quinn joined Devin in New York dsc_8315.jpg dsc_8333.jpg
dsc_8347.jpg dsc_8366.jpg dsc_8370_fm8472.jpg The gang heads to the Zoo, sans dad who was at work... dsc_8371.jpg
dsc_8381.jpg dsc_8395.jpg dsc_8419.jpg dsc_8432.jpg
dsc_8436.jpg dsc_8446.jpg dsc_8448.jpg dsc_8458.jpg
dsc_8467.jpg dsc_8473.jpg dsc_8481.jpg dsc_8485.jpg Dad's friend Justin lives in NYC
dsc_8510.jpg Devin walks the streets with the the Empire State Building in the background dsc_8525.jpg After a stop-off in Los Gatos, we fly to Hawai'i and Waikiki. Mom & Dad conned Aaron and Julie into coming and helping them with Devin dsc_8529.jpg dsc_8533.jpg
dsc_8535.jpg Everybody's in town for the Moriyama wedding.  We caught them rehersing during our beach walk. dsc_8541.jpg Devin takes in the sights at the International Market. dsc_8550.jpg A king size bed fit for the prince dsc_8569.jpg
dsc_8571.jpg The view from our Lanai dsc_8582.jpg Devin's trip to Honolulu is cut short.  Grandpa is sick, and we have to fly back to California the day after we got in. dsc_8596.jpg Devin plays peek-a-boo back in Los Gatos dsc_8618.jpg Devin helps lift everybody's spirits after his grandfather passed away.
dsc_8633.jpg dsc_8643.jpg Baby's first boo! dsc_8652.jpg dsc_8656.jpg
dsc_8660.jpg dsc_8666.jpg dsc_8671.jpg dsc_8691.jpg
dsc_8696.jpg dsc_8708.jpg dsc_8717.jpg dsc_8718.jpg
dsc_8748.jpg dsc_8788.jpg My Little Devil dsc_8822.jpg We love to take Devin on walks through the mountains dsc_8829.jpg We saw the Montgomery's donkeys
dsc_8839.jpg Dad's cousin John stopped by to help out dsc_8906.jpg Devin's first Halloween, on Tait in Los Gatos dsc_8911.jpg Dipti escorted us through the decorated houses dsc_8914.jpg
dsc_8920.jpg dsc_8923.jpg dsc_8931.jpg dsc_8936.jpg
dsc_8948.jpg Dad's 1st grade teacher, Louise Osborne dsc_8951.jpg G-Gma came to LG dsc_8957.jpg Great-Aunt Debi and Grandpa's brother Tony were in town all week helping dsc_8963.jpg Dad's cousin Heather
dsc_8968.jpg dsc_8972.jpg Devin wants to go to Italy to see Stephanie marry dad's cousin John dsc_8975.jpg Grand Uncle Kevin (GUnK?), Grandma's brother dsc_8985.jpg Aaron & Julie are everywhere!  They were in town, and helped out again
dsc_8993.jpg Grandpa's memorial service dsc_8994.jpg dsc_9007.jpg dsc_9008.jpg Dad's friends Pieris, Jason & Kathleen
dsc_9009.jpg dsc_9010.jpg dsc_9012.jpg Devin & Devin (Sodt, Keith's childhood friend) dsc_9014.jpg Dad's 2nd cousin David Buckler with Aiden
dsc_9016.jpg dsc_9024.jpg L-R: Aunt Michelle, Uncle Keith, Grand-Uncle Kevin Grant, Grandma Busam, Great-Grandma Grant, Dad, Great Grand-Uncle Dudley Josselyn (G-Gma Grant's brother), Great Grandpa Grant, Mom dsc_9031.jpg Another great evening in the mountains dsc_9033.jpg
dsc_9036.jpg dsc_9043.jpg dsc_9048.jpg Devin gets ready to go to Day Care dsc_9057.jpg
dsc_9064.jpg Devin reads "Beach Babies Wear Shades", a gift from JoJo dsc_9070.jpg dsc_9075.jpg dsc_9079.jpg
dsc_9081.jpg dsc_9089.jpg dsc_9093.jpg