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dsc_9948.jpg Devin opens his first Christmas presents.  Of everything, he likes the plastic bag the most! dsc_9967.jpg dsc_9979.jpg dsc_0014.jpg "I TCP/IP, but mostly IP"
dsc_0026.jpg dsc_0036.jpg dsc_0039.jpg dsc_0054.jpg Devin's first laptop computer.
dsc_0067.jpg Devin holds the milk bottle himself for the first time! dsc_0074.jpg Devin flew back to Boston to be with his cousin Quinn for Christmas. dsc_0079.jpg dsc_0082.jpg All dressed up, ready to go out.
dsc_0084.jpg dsc_0088.jpg dsc_0092.jpg Eamon couldn't hold back his love for the boys. dsc_0129.jpg
dsc_0152.jpg dsc_0157.jpg dsc_0161.jpg dsc_0166.jpg
dsc_0167.jpg dsc_0176.jpg dsc_0181.jpg dsc_0188.jpg
dsc_0190.jpg Devin needs to put on a lot of layers to go outside in New England. dsc_0203.jpg We arrive at the Patterson's party. dsc_0210.jpg As usual, Quinn sleeps through the good parts. dsc_0215.jpg Patrick Coit's son Sam won the award for best hat on a party attendee under the age of 1.
dsc_0220.jpg dsc_0225.jpg A well-known slave to fasion, Jock Patterson had to pull out his cap too. dsc_0231.jpg dsc_0245.jpg
dsc_0259.jpg dsc_0270a.jpg dsc_0270.jpg dsc_0272.jpg
dsc_0291.jpg dsc_0296.jpg Isabella Coit brought her ponytails dsc_0298.jpg dsc_0306.jpg
dsc_0314.jpg dsc_0318.jpg dsc_0321.jpg dsc_0322.jpg The group gathers around for a yankee swap with "A Christmas Story" theme
dsc_0325.jpg dsc_0331.jpg The next day, Devin went with Eamon and Quinn to the Boston Children's Museum dsc_0334a.jpg dsc_0334.jpg
dsc_0340.jpg dsc_0346.jpg dsc_0352.jpg dsc_0361.jpg
dsc_0369.jpg dsc_0376.jpg dsc_0379.jpg dsc_0387.jpg
dsc_0393.jpg dsc_0397.jpg dsc_0408.jpg dsc_0415.jpg
dsc_0418.jpg dsc_0436.jpg Snow covered the ground everywhere! dsc_0441.jpg dsc_0447.jpg
dsc_0448.jpg dsc_0452.jpg dsc_0454.jpg dsc_0457.jpg
dsc_0460.jpg dsc_0463.jpg dsc_0470.jpg dsc_0472.jpg
dsc_0473.jpg dsc_0483.jpg dsc_0493.jpg Devin borrows his cousins' jumper and entertains himself for a while. dsc_0495.jpg
dsc_0496.jpg dsc_0506.jpg The boys watch Cinderella.  Eamon loves that movie. dsc_0507.jpg dsc_0518.jpg
dsc_0519.jpg With a name like Quinn Mulligan Costello, you know he was destined to love beer... dsc_0529.jpg dsc_0533.jpg dsc_0535.jpg Aunt Pat stopped by on Christmas Eve.
dsc_0537.jpg Great-Grandma Mame came over as well. dsc_0541.jpg dsc_0550.jpg dsc_0554.jpg
dsc_0571.jpg dsc_0583.jpg dsc_0589.jpg Siblings are never to old to fight. dsc_0594.jpg Bethany channels the Undertaker
dsc_0595.jpg dsc_0596.jpg dsc_0601.jpg dsc_0609.jpg Mame checks out her calendar featuring the boys.
dsc_0620.jpg That TeePee took a while to set up. dsc_0621.jpg dsc_0632.jpg Can you kayak in the snow? dsc_0634.jpg
dsc_0639.jpg dsc_0649.jpg dsc_0656.jpg dsc_0661.jpg
dsc_0675.jpg Lots of Cars from the movie dsc_0680.jpg dsc_0696.jpg dsc_0708.jpg Wow!
dsc_0728.jpg What a set-up! dsc_0740.jpg dsc_0755.jpg dsc_0776.jpg
dsc_0791.jpg dsc_0792.jpg dsc_0794.jpg dsc_0803.jpg
dsc_0820.jpg Devin's first solid food, brown rice cereal with squash. dsc_0825.jpg But the tray table tastes just as good! dsc_0836.jpg Of course it ends up all over the place. dsc_0839.jpg
dsc_0848.jpg dsc_0850.jpg dsc_0928.jpg dsc_0933.jpg
dsc_0947.jpg dsc_0953.jpg dsc_0966.jpg Back in LA, Devin works on real food. dsc_0995.jpg
dsc_1010.jpg dsc_1018.jpg dsc_1021.jpg dsc_1028.jpg
dsc_1030.jpg dsc_1040.jpg dsc_1044.jpg dsc_1055.jpg
dsc_1062.jpg dsc_1068.jpg Devin takes a stroll down Venice Beach on New Year's Day. dsc_1071.jpg dsc_1083.jpg Devin's on board with this ticket!