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dsc_7173.jpg Running around in a Riverside Park playground. dsc_7181.jpg dsc_7185.jpg dsc_7190.jpg
dsc_7199.jpg dsc_7206.jpg dsc_7208.jpg dsc_7216.jpg
dsc_7220.jpg Showing off his new JoJo sweater in our apartment. dsc_7221.jpg dsc_7222.jpg dsc_7225.jpg
dsc_7226.jpg dsc_7227.jpg dsc_7228.jpg dsc_7235.jpg Playing around in Central Park.
dsc_7243.jpg dsc_7247.jpg dsc_7248.jpg dsc_7249.jpg
dsc_7250.jpg dsc_7252.jpg dsc_7265.jpg dsc_7270.jpg
dsc_7274.jpg dsc_7278.jpg dsc_7281.jpg dsc_7283.jpg
dsc_7302.jpg dsc_7315.jpg Of course, Grandpa makes a new friend... dsc_7321.jpg dsc_7333.jpg
dsc_7337.jpg dsc_7340.jpg dsc_7352.jpg dsc_7362.jpg
dsc_7376.jpg At the Museum of Natural History dsc_7383.jpg Check this out! dsc_7392.jpg No, really, did you check this out? dsc_7395.jpg Did I see this guy on Barney?
1239222105816.jpg I wonder where Hippo Playground got it's name... dsc_7399.jpg We found a real Choo-Choo in Riverside Park! dsc_7404.jpg dsc_7422.jpg
dsc_7425.jpg dsc_7431.jpg dsc_7438.jpg Across from the USS Intrepid dsc_7446.jpg
dsc_7461.jpg Clinton Park dsc_7474.jpg Devin's become a Subway veteran. dsc_7482.jpg dsc_7491.jpg
dsc_7499.jpg Whoa... dsc_7501.jpg Giraffe! dsc_7504.jpg We're at the Bronx Zoo! dsc_7507.jpg
dsc_7514.jpg dsc_7525.jpg Hootie sends a shout out to the Kappa sisters. dsc_7530.jpg Baaaa!  Devin's favorite animal sound. dsc_7536.jpg
dsc_7537.jpg dsc_7540.jpg Time to go home.  Devin's getting tired!  He slept the whole ride home. img_1127.jpg Devin visits the cockpit of a Concorde. img_1128.jpg Devin marvels at the engineering of the jet intakes.
img_1134.jpg Just imagine how much easier flying with Devin would be if we could take that thing. img_1135.jpg On the deck of the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier.  Look at the planes! img_1136.jpg This thing is awesome! (Not an SR-71, though) dsc_7552.jpg Devin loves helping wash the dishes.  I hope this love continues when he's old enough to actually be helpful.
dsc_7571.jpg dsc_7578.jpg This is what passes for a volleyball court in NYC? dsc_7588.jpg On a trip to Fort Tryon Park & the Cloisters. dsc_7591.jpg
dsc_7598.jpg Devin chased this squirrell all around the park. dsc_7611.jpg dsc_7615.jpg dsc_7620.jpg
dsc_7631.jpg Anything can be turned into a snack table. dsc_7650.jpg dsc_7659.jpg In a real New York pizzeria dsc_7661.jpg Our building, we're on the second floor.
dsc_7667.jpg The "Fame" high school - on our block. dsc_7671.jpg Edel (we met her mom on a volleyball trip) helps Devin with his sweater.  He doesn't hold still like this when mom & dad dress him! dsc_7679.jpg dsc_7691.jpg Stopping for this picture made us miss the ferry...
dsc_7693.jpg That's the Statue of Liberty over Devin's left shoulder. dsc_7706.jpg Bye-bye Manhattan dsc_7714.jpg Umm, I think it's too crowded to get some good shots with the statue. dsc_7733.jpg
dsc_7738.jpg On Staten Island, Devin's 3rd borough. dsc_7742.jpg Zoom in to see the statue and Manhattan skyline. dsc_7764.jpg Battery Park dsc_7776.jpg Sitting on Thomas, watching Thomas.