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img_0137.jpg At the Children's Museum of Art.  Devin liked pouring out the crayons and putting them back in their tray more than drawing with them. img_0144.jpg Downstairs, though, was an awesome ball pit! img_0149.jpg Another great playground at Washington Square Park. img_0151.jpg
img_0152.jpg With a new friend at Dinosaur Playground dsc_7852.jpg At the Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn. dsc_7861.jpg dsc_7870.jpg
dsc_7879.jpg dsc_7883.jpg After a good morning at the zoo, Devin was hungry.  This 'hood just had a Wendy's nearby.  Good enough for Devin! dsc_7908.jpg At the NY Transit Museum (choo-choo museum).  Devin loved running around the old subway cars. dsc_7917.jpg Finally, a picture with Kathryn!
dsc_7950.jpg dsc_7972.jpg Jackie came to visit! dsc_7981.jpg dsc_7984.jpg The kids napped all afternoon.  Everybody was tired!
dsc_7987.jpg dsc_8009.jpg If you ever wondered how you could have 3 floors full of M&M's, here's your answer. dsc_8027.jpg dsc_8032.jpg
dsc_8035.jpg dsc_8046.jpg At the NHL store, trying on some gear. dsc_8051.jpg Getting close with Lord Stanley's Cup. dsc_8052.jpg Too close...
dsc_8053.jpg dsc_8054.jpg dsc_8055.jpg dsc_8058.jpg Our evening finished up in Times Square.
img_0155.jpg Dada finished his tour of all 5 boroughs with a Beer Garden in Queens. dsc_8064.jpg Devin on top of the Rock dsc_8070.jpg Note that Devin is not at all afraid of heights. dsc_8072.jpg
dsc_8073.jpg Look at these pretty flowers. dsc_8094.jpg Look what I see, a fountain!!!! dsc_8105.jpg Find spoon on ground... dsc_8106.jpg Drink some water...
dsc_8107.jpg Return to ground... dsc_8111.jpg Where did the water go? dsc_8123.jpg dsc_8149.jpg
dsc_8151.jpg On a pier out in the Hudson, with Jersey in the background. dsc_8156.jpg dsc_8165.jpg dsc_8175.jpg
dsc_8179.jpg Back at the choo-choo! dsc_8202.jpg I'm going to get those geese! dsc_8203.jpg dsc_8205.jpg
dsc_8226.jpg img_0159.jpg Once again, Devin demonstrates his love of water (don't worry, it's fresh). dsc_8249.jpg Devin just can't wait to help out with everything around the house. dsc_8258.jpg Chompin' down some Mexican in Battery Park.
dsc_8259.jpg Salsa face! dsc_8270.jpg At the South Street Seaport, with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background. dsc_8283.jpg With no fear, Devin will try to climb everything. dsc_8294.jpg
dsc_8316.jpg Devin met a new friend, who kept remarking "He's so interesting!" dsc_8326.jpg dsc_8334.jpg dsc_8351.jpg Wedding shoot on the Brooklyn Bridge.
dsc_8354.jpg dsc_8358.jpg dsc_8364.jpg dsc_8379.jpg Oooh, check out Manhattan!
dsc_8381.jpg dsc_8404.jpg dsc_8415.jpg dsc_8419.jpg
dsc_8424.jpg dsc_8431.jpg dsc_8436.jpg It's Lincoln Center's 50th, which has given us lots of construction for renovation, and some events, like this group outside in the morning while an event was going on inside. dsc_8443.jpg Devin checks out the New York Aquarium.
dsc_8452.jpg We hit up Nathan's for lunch. dsc_8458.jpg Here's all of Coney Island. dsc_8459.jpg There hasn't been a worthy event since AVP 2007 to replace these posters. dsc_8467.jpg
dsc_8476.jpg Yes, we know Astroland is closed, but please keep coming back! dsc_8480.jpg Little did Devin know how the french fry in his hand holds total control over the birds. dsc_8490.jpg dsc_8501.jpg
dsc_8515.jpg Hangin' with Jaxon Tiberius on Sheep's Meadow. dsc_8526.jpg dsc_8539.jpg Let's just see if it tastes as good as sand. dsc_8544.jpg
dsc_8549.jpg dsc_8552.jpg Down Dog!