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dsc_0665.jpg Grant's early birthday party. dsc_0674.jpg dsc_0692.jpg dsc_0696.jpg
dsc_0702.jpg dsc_0704.jpg dsc_0714.jpg Nana takes Devin to his first Little League game. dsc_0717_2.jpg Starting Second Baseman.
dsc_0718_2.jpg dsc_0727.jpg dsc_0735_2.jpg dsc_0736.jpg Gang defense.
dsc_0737_2.jpg dsc_0746.jpg Gotta mix it up out there. dsc_0749.jpg This can be a little slow. dsc_0815_2.jpg Run to first!
dsc_0852.jpg dsc_0866.jpg dsc_0876.jpg dsc_0907.jpg
dsc_0922.jpg Devin follows the time-honored tradition of chatting it up while on base. dsc_0927.jpg I think that the Center Fielder hanging out at second with him. dsc_0945_2.jpg Everybody scores a run! dsc_1352.jpg
dsc_1373.jpg dsc_1383.jpg dsc_1389.jpg dsc_1399.jpg
dsc_1404.jpg dsc_1414.jpg Easter! dsc_1421.jpg dsc_1430.jpg
dsc_1448.jpg dsc_1451.jpg dsc_1462.jpg dsc_1464.jpg
dsc_1476.jpg dsc_1477.jpg dsc_1491.jpg Devin gets an award at the school assembly! dsc_1497.jpg
dsc_1498.jpg dsc_1507.jpg dsc_1521.jpg dsc_1530.jpg
dsc_1535.jpg dsc_1551.jpg dsc_1560.jpg dsc_1563.jpg
dsc_1565.jpg dsc_1646.jpg dsc_1684.jpg