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dsc_5136.jpg On 'Manta' at SeaWorld.  Devin rode with a friend he made in line. dsc_5157.jpg Everybody loved the Shamu show. dsc_5161.jpg dsc_5203.jpg
dsc_5222.jpg Devin insisted on sitting up close and getting splashed! dsc_5229.jpg img_1652.jpg Devin now prefers to go on many rides by himself. dsc_5260.jpg The Sesame Street play area at SeaWorld was a huge hit.
dsc_5262.jpg dsc_5265.jpg dsc_5272.jpg dsc_5296.jpg
img_1654.jpg img_1660.jpg dsc_5311.jpg dsc_5317.jpg
dsc_5324.jpg dsc_5330.jpg dsc_5341.jpg dsc_5360.jpg
dsc_5365.jpg dsc_5393.jpg dsc_5402.jpg The sky ride at night gave us another view of the Shamu show. dsc_5410.jpg
dsc_5425.jpg Playing around in Balboa Park, waiting for the museums to open. dsc_5429.jpg dsc_5433.jpg dsc_5444.jpg
dsc_5449.jpg dsc_5462.jpg dsc_5474.jpg dsc_5483.jpg
img_1662.jpg Trains! dsc_5487.jpg dsc_5488.jpg img_1663.jpg
dsc_5494.jpg dsc_5512.jpg dsc_5555.jpg We celebrated Grant's birthday by opening presents at our apartment. dsc_5568.jpg
dsc_5572.jpg dsc_5588.jpg img_1664.jpg Devin and daddy had a special day together at Legoland. img_1669.jpg
img_1671.jpg Mommy would have just started throwing money at this display. img_1672.jpg img_1676.jpg The water park and play areas were Devin's favorite part. img_1679.jpg
img_1681.jpg Daddy's favorite part, which Devin also loved, was the car race/build spot. img_1683.jpg img_1686.jpg img_1687.jpg
img_1690.jpg img_1693.jpg dsc_5597.jpg We all went to the Zoo on Friday. dsc_5602.jpg
dsc_5607.jpg dsc_5613.jpg dsc_5616.jpg dsc_5628.jpg
dsc_5632.jpg dsc_5638.jpg dsc_5658.jpg dsc_5662.jpg
dsc_5689.jpg dsc_5693.jpg dsc_5697.jpg dsc_5713.jpg
dsc_5740.jpg Giraffe feeding! dsc_5745.jpg dsc_5755.jpg dsc_5774.jpg
dsc_5780.jpg dsc_5793.jpg Who let this guy out of his cage? dsc_5800.jpg dsc_5801.jpg
dsc_5813.jpg dsc_5824.jpg dsc_5846.jpg dsc_5862.jpg
dsc_5864.jpg dsc_5868.jpg dsc_5871.jpg More trains! dsc_5876.jpg
dsc_5890.jpg dsc_5922.jpg dsc_5927.jpg dsc_5929.jpg
dsc_5955.jpg We went to Yogurtland with new friends Ryan & Melia. dsc_5963.jpg dsc_5973.jpg dsc_6015.jpg Hours after getting home, Mom & Dad turned around to go to a wedding.
dsc_6036.jpg Easter egg hunt! dsc_6039.jpg dsc_6042.jpg dsc_6047.jpg
dsc_6053.jpg dsc_6060.jpg dsc_6063.jpg dsc_6077.jpg Photo by Devin
dsc_6088.jpg Photo by Devin dsc_6089.jpg Photo (and autofocus) by Devin