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***New Baby Alert***

  Santa Monica, CA - (July 12, 12:04PM) - Renowned Google engineer Vince Busam and his wife Jonalyn Morris Busam announced today their first foray into parenting with the birth of their son, Devin Vincent Busam. Devin arrived a little late, but with a bang at 9lbs 8.5oz, and 21 inches.

  Approaching his new role of fatherhood as he would any start-up venture, Vince has already wired the nursery, raised funding for college, and developed a beta version of the baby's own website. Jonalyn is trying to come to grips with the fact that motherhood may differ slightly from her role as public relations guru and that a newborn may not always be open to her recommendations for sleeping or strategies on how to stop crying.

  Doctors at St. John's were quoted as saying, "Mother and father are doing fine and resting, while we could have sworn the front desk staff saw the little guy debugging the hospital's billing system."

  Photos of the family are of course already online at

Vince, Jonalyn, and Devin